2024/02/01For Prospective Incoming Students

For Exchange Students

Exchange Program Application (2024 Fall Semester Enrollment)

Thank you for your interest in our student exchange program of Faculty of Global Human Sciences, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, and Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University in Japan.
Please read our FACT Sheet (FACT Sheet Kobe University 2024-2025 (2024.01.31).pdf ) with application information first, then download the following documents.
The application deadline for 2024 Fall (October) enrollment is April 30, 2024.

Application Form_Kobe Univ_2024-2025(2022.01.25).xlsx

To Partner Universities:

Please submit your Nomination Sheet (KOBE UNIV_Student Exchange Nomination Sheet AY2024-2025 F.xlsx) by April 10, 2024 for 2024 Fall (October) enrollment. For Graduate Students, please choose the preferred Graduate School, in accordance with our Student Exchange Agreement.

To Applicants:

The application deadline for 2024 Fall (October) enrollment is April 30, 2024. We receive your application via Email Attachment. As for your CoE application, please fill in the online form by April 30, 2024 as well.

Housing Information

Kobe University Accommodation
Housing application deadline is the same date as the exchange program application deadline. Please fill in the section “Accommodation” of the Exchange Program Application Form.